How  to set up voicemail on VoIP phone?

Voicemail is a service available in landline and mobile networks. The basic principle of operation: if the subscriber does not answer the call, the caller can leave him a voice message to listen to when he calls the number provided. How  to set up voicemail on VoIP phone?

The VoIP voicemail service has two main functions – the first is to receive phone calls, and the second is to send messages to the user’s mailbox, not the first. The voicemail feature in the virtual number stores voicemails electronically and is seen as an improved version of the answering machine offered to the user by the voicemail provider. The VoIP voicemail number can therefore download such messages using a computer or system telephone or deliver them as e-mail messages. Thanks to the VoIP phone system, companies began to save significant amounts because they are able to get call analytics and track their virtual phone number.

How does the VoIP voice mail service work?

The voicemail feature in the virtual number is essentially an advanced answering machine that allows the user to save voice messages on a computer or virtual phone number and then download them as an email. Voicemail is also referred to as a unified messaging solution that allows users to access personalized answering machines that help them receive voicemails along with fax and email via their computers. The user can access the voicemail service from a custom telephone system created for this purpose, from a VoIP server or from the telephone system version itself, although it depends on how it is implemented.

How  to set up voicemail on VoIP phone?

How to set up voicemail in CallHippo?

CallHippoto is a voicemail service from a VoIP service provider that allows companies to use virtual phone number services from over 50 countries around the world. As a voicemail service provider, CallHippo promises customers a setup time of just three minutes, which means the strength of their user-friendly interface and advanced back-end architecture. The CallHippo voicemail feature in the virtual number is a cloud-based phone solution, and all the client needs is an internet connection to use the VoIP voicemail number.

Configuring voicemail from a Cisco phone

From the phone, lift the handset and press the voice mail button looks like an envelope with the word “message” above.

Enter the temporary access code you received from the network services. (Or read the instructions to reset your password yourself.)

The Unity system will ask you to:

  • Write your name
  • Record the greeting
  • Set a new password (minimum 5 digits)

After completing all prompts, your voicemail box is ready to receive messages.



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