Can you take nursing prerequisites online?

To become an RN, individuals must first earn an academic degree or a bachelor’s degree or postsecondary diploma in this field. The American Nurses Association ensures that the most common option is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), followed by Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN). However, many nursing study programs require candidates to complete some initial courses before being admitted. These courses can be conducted online and may include web conferences. Candidates for these courses must take part in nature classes. Can you take nursing prerequisites online?

RN Degree program options

Students wishing to meet the pre-requisites of the RN program through distance learning have many options. One of them is signing up for individual online courses. Many institutions offer initial nursing classes online, although they may not be listed as such. For example, completing any initial anatomical class should be sufficient, even if it is not listed as an initial class.

In some degree programs, prerequisites are built into the curriculum, but they can be completed online before a student’s campus visit to enter the main component of a registered nursing training program.

However, there are also dedicated nursing care programs on the Internet. They usually include all classes necessary to meet the entry requirements, except for the nursing study program, but they can be more expensive or offer less planning flexibility than independent courses or acceptance requirements under the nursing program.

Can you take nursing prerequisites online?

Online nursing courses

We offer a total of eight requirements of online nursing schools. You can take part in all courses or select classes that are missing from the undergraduate program *. Our Admissions Advisors will help you determine which classes or classes you will need.

Science courses must include a laboratory element that has been completed in the classroom or only from a set. Virtual laboratories are not accepted.

* ABSN Students and BSN Weekend: From August 1, 2019, the following science courses must be successfully completed in the last seven years; the other two courses had to be completed in the last 10 years. Any student enrolling before this date must have completed an academic course within the last five years.

  • Developmental psychology (5-week course)
  • Statistics (5-week course)
  • Nutrition (6-week course)
  • Laboratory microbiology (8-week course)
  • Anatomy and physiology I from the laboratory (8-week course)
  • Anatomy and physiology II from the laboratory (8-week course)
  • Chemistry I from the laboratory (8-week course)
  • Chemistry II with Lab (Organic Biochemistry) (8-week course)

Why should you take your entry requirements here?

Most nursing and other healthcare programs require specific college level activities for admission. There are significant benefits to meeting the requirements of the School of Nursing:

  • Start whenever you want – even after the beginning of the semester – and work on the material at your own pace.
  • The training materials are addictive and fit into different learning styles – video, audio, PowerPoint, readings and more.
  • A healthy balance of independence and support. If you need help, your professor is there. If you feel comfortable working faster, do it!
  • Timely submission of assessments as needed.



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